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With a combined 40 years of applied experience, we have created proven security solutions to defend our clients against continually evolving and persistent cyber adversaries.


What We Do

We protect our clients from successful cyber-attacks by providing the testing, and consulting and tools they need to decrease their vulnerable IT surface area thereby improving their overall security posture.

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Our journey has lead us to solve the problems & pains that buyers of cyber security services habitually experience by making their decision simple, experience enriching and results actionable.

Here are just a few examples of problems we solve:

Talented Workers

Lack of Talented and Qualified Security Testers

Our seasoned management team and strict testing standards help us select the very best security testers available. Our innovative remote secure testing platform and overall tester friendly environment allow us to attract the best of the best security testers in the world.

Dependable Results

Seasoned Testers =

Less Manpower Better Results

Difficulty Getting Quick and Accurate Security Service Pricing

Most cyber security quotes take weeks if not months. We have developed algorithms that allow us to project the cost of our various security testing services quickly and accurately so our corporate clients can start testing immediately and confidently. Additionally, all of our strategic partners have access to our Partner Portal where they can provide their clients a “Quick Quote” and sales materials, on site, significantly shortening the sales cycle.

Shorter Sales Cycle

Our Quick Quote =


Inability to Track and Efficiently Remediate Findings From Tests

Most security test results are provided in generic reporting files making their clients manually enter the remediation tasks into their ticketing systems. We take this to the next level. First we provide all of our test results in an easy-to-import format based on our client’s specific requirements. Additionally, all OnDefend clients receive OnDefend VManage, which is our complimentary and ground breaking cloud based Vulnerability Management System allowing them to efficiently and effectively manage remediation.



Centrally Manage Organizations

Incapability of Centrally Managing Remediation Over Multiple Organizations

It’s almost impossible to effectively manage testing and remediation activities across multiple facilities or sister organizations. OnDefend VManage allows you to not only manage distributed remediation teams, but also successfully report your progress to your company’s stakeholders on a local or global level.




Lack of Tools to Successfully Present to Executives & Auditors

OnDefend VManage provides an interactive dashboard with all of the graphical and analytical information that a C-Level executive or auditor needs to see. Now you can quickly and effectively present the security posture of your company's IT surface area as well as demonstrate successful compliance upon request.



OnDefend to become a global leader in the information security service industry.

Our seasoned executives and global team of highly skilled security professionals are paving the way for



Our Executive Team

Chris Freedman

Chris Freedman

Business Operations
& Development

Chris Freedman co-founded OnDefend and currently acts as a managing partner, specifically the director of business development and operations.

Previously, Chris Freedman graduated with highest honors from The University of Florida. After college, Chris served as a diplomat with the Atlantic Treaty Association, a research arm and consulting body for NATO, in Europe at the South Allied Command in Lisbon, Portugal and the NATO Headquarters in Brussels, Belgium.

Chris then entered the United States real estate market where he founded multiple real estate companies that entitled, developed, managed and/or sold a total of 3,000 residential single-family and multi-family units, over 700,000 square feet of commercial space as well as 180 acres of regionally significant wetland mitigation credits.

Chris previously founded several information technology companies including MyBenefitsLab, a national online provider of diagnostic testing in cooperation with the nation’s largest laboratories and a national physician’s networks, as well as Expert Business Consulting which provides a range of healthcare, financial and other software development, systems integration and web development services.

Civically, Chris has acted as a board member of Best Buddies Jacksonville, the Boys and Girls Club of Jacksonville and a fundraiser for The ARC of Jacksonville. Chris has also been a member of the Ponte Vedra Rotary and currently serves as a board member of the American Red Cross of Northeast Florida.

Ben Finke

Ben Finke

Information Security
Operations & Management

Ben Finke co-founded OnDefend and currently acts as a managing partner, specifically the director of information security operations and management.

Ben Finke has over 15 years of experience in running and managing enterprise scale security programs. Ben has spent his career in multiple leadership roles in information security, including running a security practice for a managed services provider. In this role, Ben provided security consulting and day-to-day network defensive operations for a dozens of organizations, from Fortune 500 companies to Software-as-a-Service providers to US Government organizations.

Ben also founded the assessment practice for several national service providers, delivering PCI QSA and other compliance audit services, as well as vulnerability management, network penetration testing, and web application security testing. Ben has also implemented threat management and security testing programs at over a dozen large organizations, developing solutions to provide a safe and resilient enterprise.

Ben regularly consults on information security, from developing threat management practices to teaching courses on secure development practices. Ben speaks regularly at public and industry events, and is a co-organizer of the BSides JAX information security conference.

Ben has a Bachelor of Science degree in Computer Science from Florida State University and currently holds the CISSP and PCI Professional certifications, among others. Ben’s passions are to learn continuously, to share what he knows, and to build teams capable of amazing results.

Billy Steeghs

Billy Steeghs

Advisory Services

Billy Steeghsjoined OnDefend to spearhead the growing needs for Advisory Services and Consulting and currently acts as a managing partner, specifically the Cybersecurity Advisor and SecOps.

Billy Steeghs has over 20 years of IT engineering, architecture, and IT operational leadership experience.  He provides strategic leadership guiding the creation of long-term cybersecurity services, technology roadmaps, risk management, and improvement plans aligned with the Client's business needs.

In his prior roles, he successfully architected and deployed secure and scalable data centers, healthcare analytics, predictive analysis and data warehouse services.

These architectures have been nationally recognized by VMWARE, Cisco, and NetAPP. Additionally, Billy managed certifications and implementations of NIST 800-53 government cybersecurity compliance to support Government systems.

Global Security

Threats can come from anywhere in the world.

OnDefend’s team members span the globe and we promote a culture of ongoing educational efforts to make sure every new local or international threat is familiar to us.

OnDefend employs and contracts information security experts with a minimum of 7 years of applied industry experience. These team members include senior managers, managers, assessors, penetration testers and quality control analysts.

Each of our team members has a Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science or comparable work experience and hold certifications such as EC-Council Certified Ethical Hacker (CEH) and Offensive Security Certified Professional(OSCP). Our employees are encouraged to be active members of their local information security community and present at various conferences and events on security related topics. Additionally, our team members are encouraged to participate in vulnerability research contests and bug bounty programs to further develop their skills and broaden their experiences.

Here are a few of our frameworks and methodologies:

  • PTES (Penetration Testing Execution Standard)
  • Payment Card Industries (PCI) Data Security Standards (DSS)
  • OWASP (Open Web Application Security Project) Software Testing Guide
  • ISSAF (Information Systems Security Assessment Framework)
  • WASC-TC (Web Application Security Consortium Threat Classification)
  • And more…

Additionally, the OnDefend team is well seasoned in a number of compliance and regulatory frameworks across a great deal of industry verticals.

Our Certifications

  • Certifications

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