Network Penetration Testing Services

We simulate attacks on your networks to verify whether critical systems can be exploited and if sensitive data can be accessed.


A network penetration test goes beyond just finding known vulnerabilities about the systems themselves – it provides detailed information on what an attacker can do once they take advantage of that first vulnerability.

Network penetration tests look to find as many ways into the enterprise as possible, always targeting the most critical assets in the organization. Where a vulnerability analysis detects your vulnerabilities, a network penetration test exploits those vulnerabilities, gains access to the system and sees what an attacker could then access.

How We Test
OnDefend Testing Steps
What You Get

Details on how each finding was identified and confirmed

Effective remediation recommendations

A full narrative of the engagement

Severity rankings

Detailed recommendations of additional detection strategies

Identification of effective controls that prevent attacks

We also provide Blue Team Workshops where our testers work with your team to improve their defensive skills and capabilities.

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Identify and Prioritize Risks

We discover and score your vulnerabilities so you can prioritize remediation.

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Our seasoned team of security testers will provide you non-invasive, creative and high value results that you can act on.

Efficient and Effective Approach

Whether it’s our quick turnaround or remote testing capabilities, we will complete your testing project on your timeline and within your budget.

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We help you become more secure by providing consistent and reliable results that allow your defensive team to succeed.

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